Inflater project results

Inflater project succesful resultThe INFLATER project started in October 2011 and finished in January 2014, the duration of the project was 28 months.
After the manufacture of INFLATER in several lengths and fittings, the prototype was tested in HR Wallingford three times, in the framework of the BSi standard procedure. The mobile flood barrier passed static water leakage and wave tests and withstood the current tests for a considerable time period. The prototype is now able to protect against 1 meter water level. The prototype was also tested in real life conditions near the Tisza river at Algyő and at the Dublin seashore. Further validation and product categorization is expected in the post-project phase and in the framework of the upcoming DEMO-INFLATER project, where additional features of the inflatable barrier will be introduced, including scale-up product specification and build material characterization, standardization, market entry and dissemination as a competitive product.

Meetings organized:

  • Kick-off meeting in Budapest hosted by MFKK (14-10-2011)
  • M3 Technical Meeting in Budapest hosted by BME (18-01-2012)
  • M6 General meeting in Rome hosted by LABOR (23-3-2012)
  •  M9 Technical Meeting in Barcelona hosted by BUILDAIR (15-6-2012)
  •  M15-18 Technical and General Meeting hosted by BME (8-9 April 2013)
  •  M26 Technical Meeting hosted by ATEKNEA (15 November 2013)
  •  M28 Final Meeting hosted by DCC (29-30 January 2014)