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Inflater project results

The INFLATER project started in October 2011 and finished in January 2014, the duration of the project was 28 months. After the manufacture of INFLATER in several lengths and fittings, the prototype was tested in HR Wallingford three times, in the framework of the BSi standard procedure. The mobile flood barrier passed static water leakage and wave tests and withstood the current tests for a considerable time period. The prototype is now able to protect against 1 meter water level. The prototype was also tested in real life conditions near the Tisza river at Algyő and at the Dublin seashore....

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Project showcase – SMARTeST

The extent and consequences of recent flood events in Europe and worldwide showed that the existing flood defence structures do not guarantee a sufficient protection level for people and properties. Considering the uncertainty of future conditions shaped by main drivers of urban development such as climate change, and rapid urbanization the situation is getting even more severe. Where defences exist, the residual risk will increase as the probability will increase that they fail or be overtopped by severe floods. In this unfavorably changing environment, a substantial rethinking of the...

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STEP-WISE and STREAM Final Conference, 3rd – 4th December, Brussels

The STEP-WISE and STREAM Final Conference “Building Bridges – Facilitating Water Information Exchange between Science, Policy and Industry” was concluded with a session at the European Parliament on 4th December with the attendance of 67 participants from 12 countries representing 16 from Policy, 21 from Research and 17 from Industry and Consultancy sectors, and 13 from other areas (NGOs, media, communication and education).The first day at the International Auditorium focused on presenting, evaluating and discussing practical instruments to enhance communication and...

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Project showcase – The Stream project

The STREAM project aims in general at reducing the gap between research on water, policy making and industry, by bringing together actors from these three most relevant stakeholders in knowledge exchange dedicated events but also through target knowledge sharing experiences such as e-Learning addressed to the three groups and summer schools addressed especially to researchers and industry/SME. Considering the needs of specific stakeholders, STREAM objectives have been set in order:To identify a relevant number of actual research and technological developments on water. STREAM focus on the...

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Announcement: ATEKNEA Solutions Hungary Limited Liability Company

Dear Partners,We hereby inform you that from 26th August 2013 MFKK Invention and Research Center Services Co. Ltd. operates under new seat address and company name. Our new name is ATEKNEA Solutions Hungary Limited Liability Company with the seat address: 1119, Budapest Tétényi út 84-86. We would also like to notify that details of our company such as bank account number, tax number, company registry number and contact details are remained the same. Taking into account the above mentioned, we kindly ask you to make changes in your database concerning our company data.A new business...

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Portable Dam for Flood Control – INFLATER appears in CORDIS WIRE

INFLATER Press release is available at CORDIS news: Floods in Europe have been increasing at an alarming rate, with occasionally disastrous consequences. Back in the autumn of 2011, floods in France, Italy and Ireland caused huge amounts of damage to humans and property. In Italy, the river Po rose up to four metres – two children died in Genoa. A state of emergency in the Italian regions of Liguria and Tuscany was declared after mudslide-causing floods killed 10 people. Last autumn, heavy flooding in Italy again killed people in Tuscany, causing widespread disruption and chaos. Climate...

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