Project News

SME project partner “X-Treme Creations” promotes the INFLATER mobile dam in its product line

Although still under development, X-Treme Creations is already promoting our INFLATER prototype in its product portfolio.

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M1-M9 Interim Report is accepted by the Research Executive Agency

The INFLATER Interim Report was evaluated and approved by the independent expert evaluator appointed by the Research Executive Agency. The project is continuing with the manufacturing of the prototype based on the CAD designs and will conclude with the laboratory and field testing/validation activities.

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Next General Project Meeting

The next project meeting will be organised by BME again in Budapest by the end of March 2013, where the conditions for laboratory testing and the validation experiments will be demonstrated to the SME partners.

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M1-M9 Interim Report is submitted

MFKK prepared and submitted the Interim Report on 31 July 2012 to the Research Executive Agency for project review.

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The Final CAD Design Plans of INFLATER are ready

MFKK finalised the CAD drawing preparations of three INFLATER vesions. Based on the final designs MFKK now initiates the manufacturing of the full large-scale prototypes.

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System Specification is finalised

Technical University of Budapest (BME) prepared the third, final version of the System Specification. This way the project ultimately achieved its next Milestone.

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