Scientific objectives

  • To gain an in-depth understanding of flood behaviour by studying past floods and by modelling possible scenarios.
  • To create a Best Practice Guide with the help of FPA at the end of the validation process using the consequence of safety and prevention knowledge gathered from the case studies and surveys. This guide will be distributed with the device as added value.
  • To create a knowledge base for the different existing materials, and, using the information gathered during the flood case studies, define the specifications for the required INFLATER materials, including reinforced and multi-layered foils.

Training, dissemination and exploitation objectives

  • To design, prepare, test, and deliver comprehensive training, in order to ensure that SME-partners will be able to assimilate the results of the project.
  • To disseminate non-confidential information about the INFLATER project and its results within the consortium and to a wide and relevant audience to extend the impact of project results.
  • To manage the foreground knowledge, as well as to protect and to use the research results to the best advantage of the SME proposers.