Project showcase – The Stream project

The STREAM project aims in general at reducing the gap between research on water, policy making and industry, by bringing together actors from these three most relevant stakeholders in knowledge exchange dedicated events but also through target knowledge sharing experiences such as e-Learning addressed to the three groups and summer schools addressed especially to researchers and industry/SME. Considering the needs of specific stakeholders, STREAM objectives have been set in order:

  • To identify a relevant number of actual research and technological developments on water. STREAM focus on the results of projects under the FP6 and FP7 programmes, but also under other European programmes as well;
  • To improve the dissemination of the results of water-related research among all stakeholders and to facilitate their uptake;
  • To foster a better coordination between policy level, research sector and business sector to contribute shaping an even more more research-based policy and policy-driven research;
  • To raise awareness among all stakeholders on the need of actively disseminating these results and work toghether for their implementation, thus by contributing to address Europe’s water challenges.
  • STREAM aims at contributing to the following indirect objectives in the long run:
  • To develop and implement policies and technologies to lower water consumption by consumers and industry;
  • To stimulate te adoption of new technologies to lower water consumption in agriculture and to set the policies in order to facilitate the efficient use of water in agriculture and the uptake of enabling technologies;
  • To promote policy guidelines to improve water management systems in urban areas, improving the efficiency of existing infrastructures.