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FLOOD FENDER Portable, Rapid Response, Flood Defence System

FloodFender is a water-inflated temporary dam that provides an economical, effective, and safe alternative to conventional dammethods such as sand bags, earthen beams, and mechanical barriers. FloodFender will safely prevent the incursion of up to 6ft head of water onto property, roads or project sites preventing potentially millions of Euros in damage. FloodFender is available in a range of sizes for any number of applications.

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UrbanFlood is a European funded project* investigating the use of sensors within flood embankments to support an online early warning system, realtime emergency management and routine asset management.

Application of the concepts to support routine asset management, which includes the regular inspection of dikes, will also be considered. Safer dikes are not only stronger but also smarter dikes.

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WATER RAILS® Flood protection boomswaterrails

WATER RAILS® is a versatile and flexible flood protection barrier for use on water levels between 30 cm and 2 metre over an unlimited distance.
It is used: for preventative action in case of a flood warning;

Easy to use, WATER RAILS® protects traffic routes, industrial, historic or strategic sites.
WATER RAILS® use the flow power to keep protected areas from flooding.
Compact to store with the basic unit being easily handled by two people.

Equipped with standardized fittings, WATER RAILS® is quick to set-up and ensures a high level of protection and safety.



Inventors: Henry K. Obermeyer, Wellington, CO (US); Robert D. Eckman, Windsor,
CO (US); Taewon Mo, Seoul (KR)
Assignee: Henry K.Obermeyer, Wellington CO (US)
Appl. No.: 13/012,733
Filed: Jan. 24., 2011
Pub. No.: US 2011/0116871 A1
Pub. Date: az 19, 2011

The invention relates to improved water control gates and related inflatable actuators,and associated sealing, manufacture and operation apparatus and methods. Advancementsin technologies related to air fitting design., inflated bladder stress relief,inflatable bladder strength enhancement,water gate relatedslide friction mitigation, abutmentand other impounded water seals,gate panel fabrication, traffic accommodatingwater impoundmentstructures, and water gate panelsystem operation efficiency, aswell as nappe aeration, hinges,and bladder manufacture technologyare disclosed herein.


The NoFloods Mobile Barrier is designed as tube structures that can be deployed very rapidly as the tube elements are light weighted before deployment . The structure can create an impermeable barrier for a long distance. The simplicity in the solution is the strength of the concept.  We “fight water with water” and the easy to use technology makes it possible for every trained personnel to deploy. For more information: EnvironmentSolutions noflood


SCFB (Self Closing Flood Barrier)scfb

The success of this urban flood dike can be attributed to the simple but ingenious concept of using the approaching waters to fight the floods.  The force of the floodwater automatically raises the barrier and protects the hinterland.

  • Permanent standby (deploys just prior to threat of floodwater)
  • No human intervention nor electricity needed
  • Mobile (selfclosing) floodbarrier
  • Minimal maintenance – lifespan of minimal 50 years
  • Tailor made in all/continuous lengths
  • No prior warning system needed
  • Invisible when not in us

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AGGERES Velox – VL-05015 – Mobile Barrier aggeres_velox

The Velox is a rapid deployment, roll-out dam that uses the floodwater to unfold itself, and to create an effective barrier against floods. This mobile barrier uses the pressure of the upcoming water to stabilize itself and to stay into position. A 15m long Velox of 1m in height is deployed in just a few seconds, and replaces 1,500 sandbags (equivalent of 25 tons). Different types of this barrier can be connected to each other to rapidly protect large areas from flooding.  More information at:

NOAQ – Flood Fighting System NOAQ

 The system is comprised of inflatable plastic tubes that interconnect to create a temporary water barrier, a “Tubewall”. A traditional sandbag dike can withstand the water pressure because of the weight of the sand. The NOAQ Tubewall is instead utilizing the weight of the floodwater! Each tube has a skirt fused to the side facing the water. As the floodwater rises, the increasing water pressure squeezes the skirt against the ground, securely anchoring the tube.

A NOAQ Tube Wall consists of airfilled tubes of reinforced plastic, interconnected by ordinary zips to form a chain. Each tube has a ”skirt” attached alongside the tube, on the ”flood side”. When water start rising the skirt is pressed firmly towards the ground, hereby anchoring the tube. We call it ”The Bookend Principle”, as it works in the same way as an ordinary bookend. The bookend is supporting the books, but is in its turn kept in place because of the heavy books standing on it. More information at:

AquaFence – Semiaquafence

The transportable flood barrier AquaFence Semi is quick and easy to install in flood threatened areas. A team of 10 people can install about 100 meters per hour. Each flood barrier module consists of two boards in compact flat packs, which are lifted into place after transportation to the location. The construction is stabilised by water pressure when the flood arrives. Standard AquaFence Semi is constructed to tolerate water heights from 75 cm – 210 cm. The mobile flood barrier has a very high safety factor. It can also be used as protection from waves, water flows and high tides.